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Legislative Pay Raise

The legislature overrode Governor Baker’s Veto of a bill that would raise pay for some members of the legislature by over 45%. The Governor thought that the bill was excessive while members of the legislature were quick to override the veto.


Debate on Lyme Disease mandates ignores most effective treatment

While the state legislature debates mandating insurance coverage for long-term Lyme Disease treatment, they are ignoring the more effective way to treat the illness – vaccination. Just as dogs are regularly vaccinated for Lyme Disease, so too can humans receive a vaccine. The only reason it isn’t offered is because insurance companies refuse to include  Full Article…


Bad Bill Alert – Corporate Charity Regulation

Corporate Charity Regulation This Bad Bill would create needless regulations for corporations’ charitable efforts. The bill, “An Act to require corporate social responsibility reporting” forces businesses to file a report with the Secretary of State detailing their charitable involvement and official corporate policies toward “diversity, social issues, charity and community service, and on the environment.”  Full Article…


Bad Bill Alert – Redundant Department

This Bad Bill Alert is about HB2811 – “An Act establishing an office of access and opportunity.” Despite the name, the law would not expand access or opportunity. Instead, it would simply create a duplicative government agency, cost taxpayers money, and do nothing that the existing anti-discrimination organizations don’t already accomplish. Sponsored by Rep. Byron Rushing  Full Article…


Bad Bill Alert – Fracking Ban

A new Bad Bill of the Week wants to ban hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, despite the process not actually happening in Massachusetts. Rep. Lori Ehrlich (D – Marblehead) filed the bill titled “An Act preventing the disposal of hydraulic fracturing wastewater” that would functionally prohibit fracking in Massachusetts. Her goal is to stop  Full Article…


Top 5 Worst Senate Budget Amendments

The Senate’s Worst Budget Amendments The Massachusetts State Senate released its list of budget amendments last week and, as usual, they are a textbook case of wasteful spending. Every legislator is trying to funnel more money to their home district and pet projects. Massachusetts Citizens for Jobs read the amendments and compiled the Top Five  Full Article…


Wasteful Budget Amendments

​Legislators are spending this week debating the state budget. Keeping with Beacon Hill’s tradition of wasteful spending, many of the budget amendments are nothing more than giveaways to politicians’ pet projects. Here at Massachusetts Citizens for Jobs, we track wasteful spending so the public is aware of how Beacon Hill is misusing our tax dollars.  Full Article…


Bad Bill Alert – Needless Medical Bureaucracy

This Bad Bill thinks that Beacon Hill can do what doctors, scientists, and expert researchers can’t – fix pulmonary hypertension, better known as high blood pressure. Filed by Rep. Diana DiZoglio (D – Metheun), “An Act establishing a pulmonary hypertension task force,” creates an eight member task force that will do little besides file reports  Full Article…


Bad Bill Alert – Protecting Failing Schools

This Bad Bill makes it harder for superintendents to fix failing schools. The bill, “An Act to restore collective bargaining for teachers and other school employees” by Rep. Marjorie Decker (D – Cambridge) would require the teachers’ union to approve any changes made to improve a failing school. This would make it harder to educate  Full Article…


Lack of MBTA transparency costs taxpayers

Mass Citizens for Jobs has always been concerned about having a transparent government and the latest bad news from the MBTA shows the importance of effective public records laws. The MBTA retirement fund has always kept their accounting shrouded in secrecy. Now that it’s finally become public, thanks to one of the same accountants who  Full Article…