Mass Citizens for Jobs
Defend The Business Community

Help us fight back on the damaging policies from progressive groups and policy leaders who don't respect the business community.  We are a first line of defense against this new breed of democratic socialists and their policies that wish to undermine the free market system.    
We will issue reports and studies showing how State Government can promote job creation policies as well as save money be implimenting common sense pro-consumer and pro-business policies.   

Defend our business community.  

Too often 'big business' has become a dirty word in politics as well as in the media.  We are here not just to defend big business, but medium and small business as well.  All organizations that provide opportunity and jobs for millions of our resisidents don't deserve to be grouped into a larger pile of bad actors.  We don't support policies that hurt the business community, just by virture of them being a business.  We want to enhance opportunity for people to get and retain great jobs and support their family.  

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