Bad Bill Alert – Corporate Charity Regulation

Corporate Charity Regulation

This Bad Bill would create needless regulations for corporations’ charitable efforts. The bill, “An Act to require corporate social responsibility reporting” forces businesses to file a report with the Secretary of State detailing their charitable involvement and official corporate policies toward “diversity, social issues, charity and community service, and on the environment.”

Sen. Jason Lewis (D – Winchester) introduced the bill alongside Rep. Ruth Balser (D – Newton), apparently ignorant of the actual effect his legislation would have on Massachusetts’ businesses. Requiring companies to provide detailed disclosures of their charity work is an obstacle, not an incentive, for businesses to be involved in their community. The Commonwealth is not better off if corporations are weighing the regulatory effects of charitable engagement.

Positive publicity is already a major incentive for companies to be involved in their community. Every Little League season proves this, when teams are sponsored by small and large businesses. Every high school sports team or drama club that sells coupon books and calendars provides further evidence of how our companies are socially responsible. The last thing we need is another regulation that subjects charity to extensive reporting requirements.

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