Bad Bill Alert – Needless Medical Bureaucracy

This Bad Bill thinks that Beacon Hill can do what doctors, scientists, and expert researchers can’t – fix pulmonary hypertension, better known as high blood pressure. Filed by Rep. Diana DiZoglio (D – Metheun), “An Act establishing a pulmonary hypertension task force,” creates an eight member task force that will do little besides file reports and create red tape.

It’s foolish to think that politicians, bureaucrats, and some representatives from the insurance industry are going to accomplish what the medical community cannot. Commission don’t solve problems, especially not government commissions. If Massachusetts is going to be a leader in solving high blood pressure, that will come from Harvard Medical School or Mass General or our biotech companies – not from the statehouse. Political involvement is more likely to cause high pressure among our doctors and scientists than it is to actually lead to something useful.

If Diana DiZoglio were serious about helping with high blood pressure, she’d advocate for more R&D grants or business-friendly laws that help attract medical startups. Instead, her bill channels the worst aspects of political hubris, thinking another commission is the answer to a serious problem.

One Response to “Bad Bill Alert – Needless Medical Bureaucracy”

  1. Bill April 14, 2016 at 6:41 pm #

    Politicians should realize that they are the cause of our high blood pressure. Another needless task force that will spend our money to establish NOTHING. let the doctors do their jobs without your unnessessary meddling.