Boston Globe: Massachusetts’ problem with transparency

On Friday the Boston Globe released an article titled Massachusetts’ problem with Transparency: What’s your Government up to? It’s harder than you think to find out.

The piece, written by David Scharfenberg outlines the amount of governance which occurs behind closed doors and without any accountability. This lack of transparency makes it more difficult for citizens to participate, tougher for the media to keep government honest, and easier for public officials to slip into corruption.

Scharfenberg reports: “that the Massachusetts Legislature is one of just seven nationwide that completely exempt themselves from a state public records law, according to a Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press tally from 2011.

The judicial branch’s administrative offices are also beyond the reach of the law. And governors have claimed they, too, are exempt, citing a 1997 Supreme Judicial Court ruling noting that the state’s chief executive is not “explicitly” mentioned in the public records statute.

Last year, when a Globe reporter asked then-Governor Deval Patrick’s office to produce internal communications about the controversial “tech tax,” the administration claimed, as always, that it wasn’t obliged to turn over anything.”

To read the article click here: Massachusett’s problem with Transparency 

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