Mass Citizens’ Polling on the Olympics, MBTA Reform

Recently, Mass Citizens for Jobs commissioned polling about Governor Baker’s MBTA reforms and the proposed Boston 2024 Olympics. The full results of the poll can be downloaded at the end of this page, but here’s a summary:

On the issue of MBTA reform, there was 59% support for suspending the Pacheco Act for the MBTA while 52% of voters supported eliminating the law altogether. The other aspects of Baker’s plan also enjoyed widespread support, with 69% of voters supporting giving the Governor hiring and firing authority over the MBTA board. The least popular part of Baker’s plan is the $64 million spending package to fix the MBTA, but even that enjoyed 44% support, outweighing the 37% of voters who were opposed to it.

These numbers are a clear mandate for Governor Baker’s plan. In particular, it’s a clear sign that the Pacheco Act needs to go for meaningful, popular MBTA reform. The consensus against the Pacheco Act is bipartisan, with a majority of Democrats supporting its suspension for the MBTA.

On the Olympics, there is equally clear message from this poll.53% of voters oppose Boston bidding on the Olympics under any circumstances, while 64% don’t believe Olympic organizers’ claims that the games will be profitable. On tax breaks for foreign companies working with the Olympics, there’s the strongest consensus of any poll question we asked. 73% of voters oppose the tax breaks, while only 14% support them.

Full Results: MA Polling2

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