MBTA Meeting in Medford

Last night citizens from Medford MA gathered at their City Hall to discuss the MBTA fare increases.

Effective July 1, 2014, average fare will increase by 5 percent. Kathleen Dolan, a resident of Medford, gave her comments during a public hearing.

“My sister wanted to be here tonight, but she is still on the T. The Orange Line is packed solid. It’s almost insulting to think that an increase will enable you to correct bad service. The 5 percent increase is meant to balance a budget. I find that hard to believe,” said Dolan.

The MBTA promises to use additional funds to improve the system but Dolan isn’t optimistic.

“Mismanagement and inadequate government does this. It is a disgrace that you are even considering an increase given that you do not maintain these trains. Don’t just say its five percent, that’s not the issue here. The issue here is the mismanagement of funds.”

Dolan says that she does not plan to use the MBTA because she is able to drive but regrets that people like her sister have no other option than paying higher fares for the same overcrowded, dirty, ineffective, unpredictable system.

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