Defend the Rights of the Business Community

The rights of the business community are constantly under attack. The socialist movement wishes to do away with not only the free market system, but private ownership of business all together.

We stand strong and support the freedoms of the business community as they bring more prosperity than any alternative form of governance.  


We won't stop fighting for the rights of free enterprise.  

We don't play politics, so we don't get involved in politics.  

We just want to help your business.  

Beacon Hill sees it's share of terrible ideas, but none have been so bad as the new progressive Democratic Socialist movement.  There are new policies and bills that seek to increases taxes, increase corporate taxes, and impose more red tape and burdens on your average small business.  

We can't let this stand.  

Higher minimum wage law to $15, abolishing the rule of law and ICE, Medicare and MassHealth for all, are all policies that will destory the business community in Massachusetts.  These are incredibly expensive and burdensome handouts that will over tax our small business community.