Post Audit Report on Commissioner John O’Brien Conviction

Post Audit Report on Commissioner John O’Brien Conviction

On Thursday, November 13, Federal Court Judge William G. Young sentenced Commissioner John O’Brien for criminal corruption.

US District Court Judge William G Young said that, “Mr. O’Brien was the organizer and leader of criminal activity and abused a position of public trust.” Young stated that O’Brien had been convicted of massive corruption.

Independent Counsel, Paul F. Ware, appointed by the Massachusetts Supreme Court came to the following conclusions.

  • The hiring and promotion process in the Probation Department is corrupt and has disproportionately favored politically connected candidates.
  • The fraud is systemic and not episodic.
  • Commissioner O’Brien retaliated against employees who refused to execute the fraud.
  • Probation department personnel were solicited by probation management for political contributions in violation of state campaign finance laws.
  • Probation management may have testified falsely in grievance proceedings.

He concluded that

The prosecution in the case at hand presented testimony and other evidence from individual co-conspirators that proved the defendants provided jobs and promotions to legislators’ constituents to assist Representative DeLeo in his campaign to become Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. The evidence submitted to the jury demonstrated that the defendants specifically intended the jobs and promotions provided to legislators to influence particular official acts.


Click here to read the full Post Audit Report.

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