Press Release: Heroux Refuses to Release Public Testimony

Representative Paul Heroux Refuses to Release Public Testimony to the Public?


Aug 14, 2014 – BOSTON – When Massachusetts Citizens for Jobs, an organization committed to providing more transparency in state government, recently requested from legislators copies of their public testimony in front of legislative committees in support or opposition to pending bills, Representative Rep. Paul Heroux refused.  “Apparently Representative Heroux doesn’t believe that the public has a right to know what bills he testified in favor of or against,” said Andrew Goodrich, Executive Director of Mass Citizens for Jobs.

Massachusetts Citizens for Jobs requested copies of public legislative testimony from the Representative twice, once in June and again in July, but the testimony was not provided.  During the legislative session, representatives often testify in public hearings regarding certain bills, motions or governmental actions. These are open public hearings, so it should be an easy decision for a representative to provide this information to citizens unable to attend Beacon Hill committee hearings.

MCJ will be publishing on its web site all testimony provided by representatives so that the public can easily access it.  MCJ has already published hundreds of pages of other documents on-line, including ethics disclosures and committee voting records.

“Massachusetts Citizens for Jobs wants to give people easy, fast access to elected officials’ positions on issues impacting jobs and the economy. It’s troubling that Representative Heroux doesn’t want his testimony to be publicly available.  Why wouldn’t Rep. Heroux want the public to know what he has been doing at the Statehouse?”  Andrew Goodrich, Executive Director of Mass Citizens for Jobs said, “The legislative process shouldn’t take place behind closed doors and it is unfortunate that the Representative has chosen to be part of the backroom culture on Beacon Hill.”

Massachusetts Citizens for Jobs is a 501c4 dedicated to researching Beacon Hill to bring more transparency to the anti-jobs and anti-business sentiment prevalent in the State House.  For more information, and to view a database of public information regarding legislators and the legislative process visit


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