Proposed Rule Change to Ban Photography During Legislative Session

On Thursday lawmakers will vote on a rule change would ban lawmakers, staffers and guests from taking photographs and videos during legislative sessions inside the House chamber.

The proposed rules for the 2015-2016 legislative session also eliminate an eight-year term limit for the speaker of the House. House Democrats are set to meet in an 11 a.m. caucus to discuss the rules changes as well as the proposed joint rules with the Senate.

“Members, staff and guests shall not take photographs or videos of, or in, the House Chamber during formal or informal sessions,” the proposed rules say, according to a copy provided to the News Service. “The use of audio-visual aids including, without limitation, videos, computers, posters, displays or charts shall be permitted only upon approval of the Speaker.”

The rule was not included in the rules for the 2013-2014 session, though court officers frequently and sometimes angrily admonished guests and reporters to not take photographs.

** Reporting taken from State House News Service.

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