Top 5 Worst Senate Budget Amendments

The Senate’s Worst Budget Amendments

The Massachusetts State Senate released its list of budget amendments last week and, as usual, they are a textbook case of wasteful spending. Every legislator is trying to funnel more money to their home district and pet projects. Massachusetts Citizens for Jobs read the amendments and compiled the Top Five Most Wasteful:
$50,000 for Becker College’s Massachusetts Digital Games Institute to study video games – Amendment #135 filed by Sen. Michael Moore.
$50,000 for Westborough’s 300th Anniversary to have a festival – Amendment #749 filed by Sen. Jamie Elbridge
$25,000 for Peabody’s Centennial to hold a town party – Amendment #771 filed by Sen. Joan Lovely.
$50,000 for Ponkapaog Golf Course in Canton to host a golf tournament – Amendment #807 filed by Sen. Brian Joyce.
$50,000 for the Independent Film Society to show independent films – Amendment #830 filed by Sen. Cynthia Creem 

Here at Massachusetts Citizens for Jobs, we are working to inform the public about wasteful spending such as this. CLICK HERE to support our efforts with a donation of $25, $50, or $100.

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