Transforming Healthcare through Transparency: The Pioneer Institute

Pioneer Institute has released the  “Baker’s Dozen: A Common Sense Healthcare Agenda for the Next Governor” – 13 steps they suggest the commonwealth take to reform its healthcare system.

One action they suggest is releasing government data. They argue that the state has pressed both insurers and providers to be more transparent about their processes and that the time has come for the state to “lead by example.”

“The state should move to immediately release all de-identified data from the All-Payer Claims Database (APCD) to the public. Government can serve as a convening platform to help non-profits and private companies sort out the complex pricing system that exists in the state and help patients navigate it. Such an action would reinforce the Commonwealth’s leadership in claims-based population research and give health researchers and economists the opportunity to mine the data for inefficiencies and improve the quality of care.”

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